Game the Day Away at Games N Grains Pub

We have many console games to enjoy in Quincy, IL

Our mission is simple at Games N Grains Pub: to create a space where you can relive the childhood thrill of gaming while enjoying an ice-cold beverage and great company.

Once you buy a drink, you'll have access to our range of console games. After you choose a console, our staff will set it up for you in a designated lounge area. You can then browse a variety of our single-player or multiplayer console games.

Enjoy a delicious cocktail and hours of fun at our arcade bar today in Quincy, IL.

Which console will you choose?

You can relax for hours at Games N Grains Pub while playing your favorite arcade console games. You can choose from consoles like the:

  • Wii
  • Nintendo 64

We offer additional extra features like multiplayer adaptors or memory cards for an enhanced gaming experience. Stop by today and check out our selection of arcade console games.